Crested Crane Cafe is Wichita’s first food truck to serve African dishes

A new food truck made their debut in Wichita today. Crested Crane Cafe opened at the South Side Food Truck Rally. They specialize in African and International dishes.

Wichita has had its share of short-lived restaurants serving African food so this was one I looked forward to with anticipation.


Cash/Card Accepted

With their first day in business, they had a limited two-menu item. On tap were African Authentic Tacos for $4 each and Safari Fried Rice Pilaf with Stew for $5 a plate.

I walked up to the truck and asked for a #1 and a #2. Why not order both items, right?

It took maybe 15 minutes or so to get my order. Once I retrieved it, I quickly glanced at the menu and noticed the #1 option had changed to 1 for $5 and 2 for $8. I didn’t think anything of it until I arrived home and noticed my meal consisted of two tacos and the stew. Oh well….. just more food I have to eat. #FirstWorldProblems.

The African Authentic Tacos, as they were called, were definitely different at first sight. Upon picking them up, the tortilla was softer as well. Upon further investigation, the taco shell was homemade flatbread. Each taco was filled with shredded chicken, tomatoes, jalapeños, sour cream and cabbage.

I was quite shocked how well the shells held up. Obviously it’s not something you’ll want to take your time eating as it could get soggy eventually. But throughout the whole time it took me to finish the taco, I was happy with how the meal stayed intact. The tacos had a sweet flavor to it that we both enjoyed. There was some sauce in it that I couldn’t detect that gave it the sweetness that paired well with the shredded chicken and sour cream. I could definitely eat another one right now.

Safari Fried Rice Pilaf with Stew was delicious but had its ups and down. The stew sauce was by far the best part. I am not certain but I think some of that sauce was what was in my taco. Mixed in with the rice, it made for quite the meal. My only issue with the meal was the meat. Some of my meat was tough which took a bit away from the meal but not to the point where it ruined my experience.

Aside from that, I definitely enjoyed my first experience with Crested Crane Cafe. It’s nice to have a bit of variety in our food truck scene. So anytime there’s something different, I’m all for it.

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