Dessert time at Paleterias Tropicana

It was beautiful out and everybody wanted dessert. I figured why not take the kids somewhere a little different from the norm of their favorites. So we packed up the car and made our way to Paleterias Tropicana. They are a Mexican restaurant that specializes in all things ice cream. They also serve a full menu of other dishes like tortas, wings, tacos, salads, etc. But let’s face it, they are first and foremost a dessert shop.

2021 N Amidon Ave #115
Wichita, KS 67203

Open Daily 8am – 11pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Their menu covers the full range of desserts from homemade ice cream to smoothies to raspado to juices and shakes. The number of concoctions and combinations you can come up with are endless. There are so many flavors to choose from it could leave your kids spending more time to decide what to order than the time it takes to drive there. We were a prime example.

Everybody finally decided on a Mango Raspado (shaved ice), Freshata (iced coffee), a Chocolate Milkshake (milkshake with chocolate) and a Tropical Smoothie (made with pineapple, coconut, vanilla, yogurt and mango).

While I was ordering, their phone was going nuts. They probably had a dozen or so orders before us along with 15 cars parked waiting for food. There were twelve ladies working frantically to pump out dessert after dessert. We were given a buzzer and went back to our car and waited. It took roughly twenty minutes to get our order with how insanely busy they were.

Once I retrieved our order, I handed each dessert to everyone, and we enjoyed them in the car. What is there to really say about desserts? They were great. I had the mango raspado and loved its juicy slushy consistency. Plus all things mango are what I live for (I probably say that about 50 different foods). The iced coffee, I was told, was simply amazing and the milkshake was gone in sixty seconds.

When it comes to dessert shops, this is a place that doesn’t get the social media love it deserves. They put a lot of care and time into everything they make and it shows in the end product. If I lived closer to here, I’d probably be overweight.

Here’s their menu:

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