May 4 marks the day restaurants can begin to re-open as part of the state’s Phase One plan. Many restaurants have decided to keep business as usual with carryout while others are still waiting for Phase Two of the plan which could take place in a couple weeks. Meanwhile there are close to 100 restaurants and counting who will open their dining rooms.

Some places will run at a quarter to half capacity with tables spread out along with limited menus. Expect many more changes and try best to keep an open mind as these restaurants do their best to offer you the best normal they can. Hours are also fluctuating at many restaurants and I always advice to check their social media or call them to confirm they are open.

I’ve compiled a list of over 700 restaurants in the Wichita area. Who has their dining room open, what day can you expect it to be open, who has carryout (or curbside pickup), drive-thru and delivery. Enjoy this 100% free resource and support the Wichita dining community if you can.

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If you are a restaurant owner or know the details of one we are missing, please email us!

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