With warmer weather having arrived and people starting to venture out, there is one food truck you have to try: Churros El Carnaval.

They are a mobile food vendor that sells churros. What’s a churro you ask? They are a fried-dough pastry snack with a peculiar long form, fried until they become crunchy, and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Sometimes they are even filled with vanilla or caramel.

There’s not truck like them and you can find them parked at 512 W 21st St just east of the old Rostizeria Los Reyes building.

512 W 21 St
Wichita, Kansas 67203


Cash Only

For starters, I always check their Facebook page or call them to make sure they are open. The hours listed on their Facebook about section aren’t the most accurate so that’s something to keep in mind.

At Churros El Carnaval they have other things on their item like nachos, french fries, funnel cake, hot Cheetos and queso, elote, but we have always gone there for the main attraction of churros.

They have three basic kinds you can get: basic regular churros, churros stuff with caramel or vanilla crème. Every time we order all three flavors. There’s also a drink that pairs well with them called champurrado which is a warm Mexican drink similar to chocolate milk but thicker and richer. Even though it was 80 degrees out, I still ordered a cup. Probably not the best beverage to have while you’re outside sweating but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And let’s face it. If I’m given the option of choosing something wise and not-so-wise, I’m going with the latter 100% of the time.

We ordered five churros and they came in a bag that was piping hot. The aroma was also amazing. Waiting for them to cool down was like waiting for pizza rolls straight from the oven. I (once again) chose the not-so-wise decision and started eating one as soon as I could.

After all, these are best eaten immediately. Do not let them get cold as the texture and quality drops. You want that warm, firm bite each time; a soft pillowy interior matched with a crunchy exterior that isn’t too rough. I have yet to come across a churro that compares to Churros El Carnaval. They offer such a perfectly fried pastry that brings a smile to my face every time`.

The vanilla filled churros were far and away my favorite. I need to remind myself to just order a bag full of those and nothing else next time.

For quality, speed and price, I’m not sure any place compares to Churros El Carnaval. For $1.50, you’re getting a 5-star dessert.

Here’s their menu:

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