What to expect at Tanganyika Wildlife Park during COVID-19

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We needed an escape from the house and decided to stop by Tanganyika Wildlife Park which is a wildlife sanctuary in Goddard, KS. There was a season pass special we jumped in on earlier this year. The park recently reopened amid the COVID-19 crisis and we wanted to stop by to see what it was like during this time.

1000 S Hawkins Ln
Goddard, Kansas 67052


Cash/Card Accepted

The first thing we had to do was visit their website and reserve our spot. This has been a common practice among many of the family activities like the Sedgwick County Zoo (which we will visit soon too).

We reserved our time and showed up to check in. I showed the lady at the check in our digital pass on my phone and we were in. What I liked about the new process was it wasn’t so crowded when we arrived. With a smaller place like Tanganyika, it allowed us to really roam the place with ease.

The main differences in this visit compared to others was many of the hands-on experiences were currently closed at the time such as the camel ride, rhino and hippo feedings, closed at the time such as the rhino feeding along with the very popular lemur feeding area. While you could still walk in and visit Lemur Island, we were told the full experience would reopen soon. The highly anticipated splash park was also under construction with a sign that said it was expected to be ready by July 2020.

Otherwise, other areas like the giraffe, guinea pigs, alpaca, and bunny feeding areas were completely open.

This was my daughter’s first time visiting the park and probably her favorite area was the lories where she was really able to get super close to the birds…… not too hard to please an 11-month-old.

Besides that, here’s a look at the rest of our visit.

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