A hidden taco gem off the southside beaten path is golden

The corner of Roosevelt and Ross Parkway is probably an unfamiliar area to most people. For me, it was where my mother would work at a grocery store while I sat around and watched customers come in and out over 30 years ago. It’s an intersection in the neighborhood of Plainview that was a few blocks away from the duplexes where my parents, grandparents, uncle and aunt and I all lived at. Little to my knowledge, there was now a small restaurant operating at that corner by the name of Jimenez Tacos.

Upon hearing of the dining option, I immediately put it on my schedule to return to my old stomping grounds for one of my favorite dishes.

2787 S Roosevelt St
Wichita, KS 67210

Thursday – Sunday: 5pm – 10pm
Closed Monday thru Wednesday


Cash/Card Accepted

With COVID-19 taking place, the food operations were taken outside where the family who owned the restaurant spent the evening cooking tacos.

There was a long line of customers waiting for tacos and they were working hard pumping out taco after taco after taco.

The menu consisted of tacos and quesadillas. We opted for tacos with all of their protein options: asada, pastor, chicken, tripas, lengua, and barbacoa. It took roughly 15 minutes for our food to be prepared so I stood back and watched the magic happen.

Once we were given our tacos, we hurried back home to enjoy our carryout.

The one thing that stuck out to me was the tortilla. They were grilled to a crispy texture that didn’t break in half but folded easily. They did a great job of avoiding the sogginess that can occur when picking up carryout tacos and taking them home.

Starting with the meats, my personal two favorites were the asada and tripa. The asada was lean, well seasoned and had a meaty flavor to them I really enjoyed. The tripa offered a good crunch to it that I much preferred. There wasn’t a hint of the fishy flavor some places can have. Overall, it was a job well done.

Another favorite at home was the al pastor which had a vibrant reddish color along with a sweet flavor.

I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed the tacos.

I often feel the word “hidden gem” is overused and laugh when I hear some of the city’s most popular restaurants deemed one when they are out in popular areas with high amounts of traffic and always in the media or online discussions. When it comes to off the beaten path, I’d wager to say 95% of readers probably don’t drive through Plainview regularly so Jimenez Tacos definitely fits the bill for hidden gems off the beaten path.

To add to the allure, the family who runs the restaurants were so down to earth, friendly, gracious and appreciative of every person who came up to order food. I’ll definitely be back when the interior restaurant is open.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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  1. Thanks for the great review. I happened upon Tacos Jimenez quite by accident and we decided to give it a go! It was very very good! I cant wait to go back.

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