Let’s Review Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers!

Let’s review Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers!

We take our #SaturChains outside of Wichita to stop by the very popular chicken fingers restaurant simply known as Raising Cane’s. The fast food restaurant chain was founded and is headquartered in Baton Rouge, LA. With over 500 locations, the closest ones can be found in Manhattan, Lawrence, Kansas City and the Oklahoma City area.

For this particular review, we stopped by Edmond, OK to finally get our hands on a chain we’ve never been to.

On our stop to Raising Cane’s, we had to stick to the drive thru as the dining room was still closed due to COVID-19. The menu is very limited to chicken fingers and sandwiches. Since everybody was raving about the chicken fingers, we ordered a couple six chicken finger meals which came with french fries, Texas toast and coleslaw. While all combo meals came with their signature Cane’s sauce, I made sure to order extra packs for 40 cents each.

While the one line was super long, the staff at Raising Cane’s was quick in getting everybody thru. We pulled in to the parking lot and decided to chow down right away to make sure we ate it as quick as we received them.

Starting off with the coleslaw and Texas toast, it wasn’t anything all that special. The crinkle cut fries were decently seasoned and more on the soggy side. The real test of this review though was all going to be on the chicken fingers.

The four of us each had a few chicken fingers. Everybody was relatively quiet trying to take in whether Raising Cane’s was worth the hype. The kids really enjoyed the chicken fingers; that’s all they ever eat and was very happy with their food. It was actually their idea to go as well as it didn’t even cross my mind. It’s amazing how a small Tik Tok video can persuade a kid to want to try a new restaurant.

Up next were the adults. The first thing I noticed was how the fingers were piping hot which was a great sign. We knew our order came out fresh and wasn’t sitting under a heat lamp for hours. There was a small amount of grease on the fingers that didn’t deter us at all. Some Wichita folks mentioned that the closest thing in Wichita to Raising Cane’s is Slim Chickens. The breading on Raising Cane’s was light yet much crispier. I very much liked the breading but once I dug in, I’m not sure there was much of a difference between the actual chicken (minus the breading) at Raising Cane’s and Slim Chickens. I mean, if you gave two people the chicken with no breading I’m not sure a majority of the people could tell the difference.

What set Raising Cane’s apart for me was this magical Cane’s Sauce. I’m the absolute biggest sucker for condiments and theirs had a Cajun aftertaste to it. It was almost like a Chick-fil-A sauce but way better. It really elevated both the chicken fingers and the fries.

The kids were very happy with the meal and the adults were neither disappointed nor overly impressed. To put it simply, it was a good meal but the hype might be a bit overdone for me. Would I go back? Yes but probably more for the sauce than anything.

Up next, I’ll need to get my hands on Zaxby’s.

Here’s a really crappy picture of their menu:

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