Unique dishes that stray away from the norm is what makes dining adventures so great. And if you’re really looking for an adventure, how about a drive to Sterling, KS for some Alaskan dumplings?

Clive’s Staples is a coffee shop and bakery in the small city 30 minutes outside of Hutchinson, KS.

Last month, they made over 550 Alaskan dumplings and sold out of every single one of them. And they are ready to do it all over again this Saturday, May 23.

The two options they had for the dumplings were beef and potato. The beef option was like a Russian pelmeni dumpling with beef and onions for the filling and the potato dumpling is was similar to a pierogi with a potato, caramelized onion, and sweet potato filling. Both options were dusted with curry powder, topped with fresh cilantro, and then served with a sweet and tangy sriracha-vinegar sauce, sour cream, and a slice of their house-made sourdough bread. 

Every weekend, the Sterling restaurant features a different meal on Saturdays and the Alaskan dumpling has proven to be the most popular of the bunch. So be prepared for another sell out.

If you’re going to make the drive to try it out, it’s available between 4:45pm and 7pm. They ask you call ahead to pre-order at 620-305-2132.

The Alaskan dumplings run $9. I’m super intrigued and trying to see if I can make the drive out this weekend. If anybody else does, I’d love to see what you think!

For more check out Clive’s Staples on Facebook or their website.

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