Restaurant regular leaves a $1,000 tip for Wichita server

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Georges French Bistro

We’ve seen many stories come out over the past month of people paying it forward to those working in the hospitality industry. I’m a big proponent of sharing them when I come across good ones.

The latest comes from George’s French Bistro. The restaurant reopened on Friday, May 8 and one of their guests left a tip that brought a lot of joy.

Owner, Desiree Youssef, shared with me that one of their regulars came in and left a $1,000 tip for one of her servers. The original ticket was for $421.15. Instead of leaving a 20% or 30% tip for the server, the customer left a 237% tip. As anyone could guess, that left the server beyond excited.

The server said he was overwhelmed by the generosity and so very grateful. He ran outside to than them but they already left. It made everybody hopeful about the reopening.

George’s French Bistro didn’t want to reveal who it was but did note it was someone who came in often before the crisis forced the restaurant shutdowns. What a beautiful way to help out a server from a regular who wanted to do their part to give back.

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