South side restaurant appears to have closed and is now listed for sale

Have you ever been to Heritage Restaurant? The last time I stopped in on a whim was a  couple years ago and the place reeked of cigarette smoke that I turned around and left.

My plan was to eventually go back for a full review but while passing by there was a “Building for Sale” sign up. Upon looking into it further, their webpage was down and phone number disconnected.

The window of opportunity for me to return looks to have closed.

If you’ve never heard of Heritage Restaurant, they were located at 4551 S Broadway. The menu consisted of American diner classics for lunch, breakfast and dinner. They had all the staples like waffles, eggs, steaks, salads, sandwiches and more. For some people, the restaurant which has been open since 1971 was popular for Keno and the number of lottery tickets sold.

I won’t lie, there were a couple times I stopped in to buy some Powerball tickets when the jackpot was at record highs.

Happy Dining,

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1 thought on “South side restaurant appears to have closed and is now listed for sale”

  1. Stacey S Storck

    Sad, it was staple of bar employees and patrons to get a good inexpensive meal after work (2am)…looked rough around the edges but the staff was nice, and food was good.

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