Visiting Benny’s Burgers & Shakes in Cheney, KS

When I’m out visiting an outer Wichita area, I like to knock out at least two restaurants to make the drive worthwhile. On a recent drive to Cheney, KS, I added in Benny’s Burgers & Shakes to my list of places to try.

610 N. Main
Cheney, Kansas 67025

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

No small town is complete without a burger joint and Benny’s Burgers & Shakes fills that need. The restaurant was accessible only via drive-thru on my visit. So I stopped in to get a burger, hot dog, fries and a shake. While making my order, I saw something called a Benny’s Bomb. The lady taking my order compared it to a Dairy Queen Blizzard…..sold.

She handed me my Reese’s peanut butter cup Benny’s Bomb. Every time I see Reese’s as a dessert option there’s a 95% chance I’ll order that.

The Benny’s Bomb was very reminiscent of a Blizzard, complete with the same texture and consistency. While the rest of my order was being made, I pulled over to a parking stall and inhaled as much as I could. You can’t go wrong with a Benny’s Bomb.

Soon after, the rest of my order came out.

My first thought when grabbing the burger was, “I should have ordered a double.” The bun made the single patty look so small. Aside from that, the bun still had a very soft cushy texture that molded well to the burger patty as I ate it. From a flavor perspective, it was somewhat reminiscent of Sport Burger. At first glance, I wasn’t sure what to expect but after the first bite, I said to myself, “Hey, this is quite a juicy little burger!” I particularly enjoyed the mustard, pickle, onion mixture which had a relish consistency. The same went for the hot dog. I’m a sucker for a hot dog bun with a slight toastiness to it and some burn to my dog. It’s the simple things that matter.

The only thing I wasn’t too fond of were the fresh cut fries. They came out soggy and in need of some salt. I probably had a handful of fries before going back to my Benny’s Bomb.

While ordering at the drive-thru, the girls working inside were very nice and answered all the questions I had with a smile on their face. They were very pleasant to deal with which sometimes can’t be said for similar places who try to get customers in and out as fast as they can.

Overall it was a nice quaint little burger joint that I’m sure the city of Cheney enjoys.

Here’s their menu:

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