The deliciousness of Puerto Rico at Antojitos Criollos – Caribbean Cuisine

Back in 2018, there used to be a food truck called Antojitos Criollos – Caribbean Cuisine rolling around town. They served Caribbean dishes that were native to Puerto Rico. I loved the truck and was upset to see it wasn’t around long but the business is back up and running as a home-based operation.

….and I couldn’t be more excited.


Cash Only

Their menu listed a bunch of different items I had to Google but from what I recall Mofongo was a big favorite. Having been to Puerto Rico before, it was one of the dishes I remember loving then. I had to have it again.

Some other items like frituras weren’t available that day so I asked for suggestions and he said they had a Puerto Rican rice with pigeon peas. Rice? Sign me up.

I placed my order the night before for pickup the next day over lunch. For those wondering, he does offer delivery as well.

For the uninitiated, mofongo is a Puerto Rican dish with fried plantains. Plantains are then mashed with salt, garlic, and olive oil. The goal is to produce a tight ball of mashed plantains that will absorb the attending condiments and have such meats as pork or chicken. The end result looked like a plateau of fried plantains made of bananas and served with shrimp. You can also order it with pork, chicken or beef. I went the seafood route.

Given the description, you’d almost think it was a sweet dish. It wasn’t. The mofongo itself was fairly bready and a crumbly dough-like texture. The protein is a must for anybody who doesn’t like food with a mushy consistency. Once mixed in with the shrimp and the chipotle-like sauce, it was simply amazing. And the rice had a grilled aftertaste to it that really hit the spot.

It was an amazing lunch to kick start my weekend. I was incredibly happy to once again get my Antojitos Criollos food.

Check them out on Facebook, you don’t be disappointed.

Here’s their menu:

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