First Look at Grandma Thuy’s Egg Rolls

A new restaurant opened this morning that specializes and at the moment serves one thing…. egg rolls! Grandma Thuy’s is a home-based operation turned restaurant. Everything began as a made from home operation and after much popularity they made the jump to a full time restaurant.

8728 W Maple St
Wichita, KS 67209

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30am – 7pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday


Cash Only
Venmo/CashApp Accepted

The space is small inside and better served as a carryout spot than anything. Besides, they are egg rolls and travel very well.

For now, the menu consist of just egg rolls and that could build up over time.

I’ve had their egg rolls before and loved them and was very excited to see them finally get their own place. I stopped by on opening day to pick up a dozen egg rolls and couldn’t have been happier.

Many comparisons will likely be made to other places but having grown up in a Vietnamese household, many people have their own ways of making egg rolls. The recipe used at Grandma Thuy’s is different from what I’ve had around town and even grew up on. Even though it was different, I still very much loved them as did my family.

The thin crispy texture and firmness were perfection and the filling inside was delicious. One thing some people may notice is the lack of carrots which didn’t matter at all and perhaps made them better.

There aren’t many places out in west Wichita to get egg rolls so this will be a very welcome addition. To make things even better, the family who runs the business is exceptionally nice.

Happy Dining,

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