First Look at My Madea’s Soul Food

While driving around town, I happened to come across a food truck parked in a lot at 13th & Oliver. I immediately put on hold life to see what was up with the new truck. Come to find out, it was a truck I’ve seen popping up on Facebook, it was My Madea’s Soul Food.

Let’s check it out.

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The menu at My Madae’s Soul Food varies from day to day. Occasionally they’ll have different daily specials like St. Louis style BBQ pork spareribs and smothered porkchops. They also have an everyday menu of items like smoked turkey legs, hot links, and mesquite beef smoked sausage. Then they even had a stand setup for cotton candy and shaved ice. It was literally a little bit of everything.

On the day I stopped by, they didn’t have any of the daily specials available so I went with the hot link and mesquite beef smoked sausage.

While both items were very simple in nature, they were big on flavor. The mesquite beef smoked sausage was served in a sesame seed bun and a sweet tangy BBQ sauce that I loved. It was meaty and delicious.

Possibly even better was the hot link. If you’re going to serve me a hot link, it better have some semblance of “hot” in it. Every bite of the link tickled the back of my throat with some heat. And with each bite, the heat compounded to make it even better. I loved every second of it.

While I wish there was more to order and choose from, for what I had I certainly enjoyed. It was a great first visit to one of the newer trucks in town. I could tell the gentleman running it was very nice and appreciative of the visit. One of the things I remember him saying was if I liked it to spread the word.

Little did he know, that’s exactly what I was planning on doing to thousands of people. Go check them out on Facebook.

Here’s the menu:

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