First look at the return of Crazy Horse Supper Club

It’s been a long time since Crazy Horse Supper Club has been open in Wichita but the grandson of the original owner has reopened the once popular restaurant at its original location. I never went there before, so I have nothing to compare it against. I’ll leave that to the former regulars.

2539 W Pawnee St
Wichita, Kansas 67213

Daily: 11am – 1:30am


Cash/Card Accepted

Here’s a quick look at the renovated interior:

The restaurant was currently under a soft opening status so their menu wasn’t complete. Many old favorites such as frog legs and alligator weren’t available yet. So I went with their crazy shrimp and a shrimp po boy sandwich with a side of bacon fried rice.

I really enjoyed the creamy sweet chili sauce on the shrimp. It wasn’t overly sweet and had a tiny bit of heat that was really flavorful. The shrimp was really small and there were multiple pieces in it that didn’t have shrimp in it at all so that was a bit of a downer. I tend to overdo things and did it again at Crazy Horse Supper Club. I should have ordered something different after getting the crazy shrimp but still went with the shrimp po boy.

The po boy was for the most part dry. There were some nice positives about it such as the homemade remoulade sauce which was amazing and all the spices of the sandwich itself complimented the meal. But the sandwich just fell flat for me after that as it was fairly dry. The hoagie bread didn’t help matters much. Between the large bread and the undercoated pieces of shrimp, it was missing something like more sauce or bigger pieces of tomato. I understand many po boys are made this way but it’s just not for me; perhaps others may like it though.

The bacon fried rice though as 100% awesome.

For starters, the service was solid. Many of the ladies greeting and serving tables were all very pleasant and engaging. I love many of the things I’ve heard coming to the menu so I guarantee I’ll be back to try something different.

Here’s their soft opening menu which should be expanding soon:

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