First Look at Tacos Perez Mexican Restaurant

A new Mexican restaurant opened earlier this week in the former Las Mananitas space. For taco fans, there should be some familiarity with it. The owners of Tacos Alex (Mr. Taco) have opened Tacos Perez Mexican Restaurant. The new restaurant offers an expanded menu from what can be found at Tacos Alex. As with any new restaurant, I made sure to stop by as quick as I could to give you an idea of what to expect.

2347 N Arkansas Ave
Wichita, KS 67204

Monday – Saturday: 6am – 10pm
Sunday: 6am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The layout was the same as Las Mananitas if you’ve ever been. But let’s be honest, you didn’t come here strictly for what it looked like inside.

Let’s talk about the food. I started my lunch off with chips and salsa. Their salsa was more on the runny side and had a nice little kick to it.

With a name like Tacos Perez, it made sense for my first order there to be tacos. I went with tacos that included tripas, lengua, buche and al pastor. I also asked for a side of guisado with picadillo verde.

Guisado is almost like a one-pot meal. From what I read, it’s anything simple, slow-cooked and stew-like. I loved it. The texture was almost like a sloppy joe but with picadillo verde and potatoes mixed in.

And the tacos? Loved those as well. The two-tortilla shell tacos were very reminiscent of what could be had at Tacos Alex/Mr. Taco. When it comes to offal tacos, these were some of the best around town. The buche, tripas and lengua were not too fatty and very flavorful. It’s almost like Tacos Perez didn’t miss a step.

Since the food was so good, I was able to magically fit it all into my belly. Otherwise, there was no way my body would have been able to.

With the opening week, they seemed to be a bit short-staffed but the one server on hand did a great job of taking care of every table. Overall I was more than happy with my first visit to the new Tacos Perez; highly recommended.

Here’s their menu:

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