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Wichita has a new food truck in town. Wade Waffle Co specializes in sweet and savory liege waffle creations. It’s a business originally started in Lawrence but the family who owned the truck moved it on down to good old Wichita. The truck made their debut over the weekend so we stopped by to get a first look at what you can expect.

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Their opening day menu had four waffles to choose from, a classic liege, strawberry tuxedo which came with strawberries, whip, dark chocolate and white chocolate, an elote waffle which was a masa waffle with crema, cilantro, catija, tajin and lime and then a ham, cheddar & onion waffle that came with a side of mustard.

Given that there were just four to choose from, I went with all four. I then drove as fast as I could to get them home.

The strawberry tuxedo was probably the one most affected by the drive with the whip cream melting a tad bit over the waffle.

The classic liege by itself was good but once we started trying out the different creations, they were simply much better. Those who love sweet and savory would really enjoy the strawberry tuxedo. Of the four, my favorite was the ham, cheddar & onion. It was even better with the mustard. I have to commend them on it as it was unlike any other waffle I’ve had from a restaurant or food truck before. The elote waffle was a very valiant effort but it just missed the mark for me on resembling elote’s signature creamy flavor.

At first glance, the waffles didn’t look too heavy but one (or at most two) would be more than enough to leave you satisfied. They really nailed it on offering a great waffle and I’m really excited to see what other exciting twists they can come up with in the future.

Here’s their menu:

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