The inconsistencies of NuWay Burgers locations

I’m a big fan of NuWay but finding consistency in their locations has been a big issue for us. The last two times we’ve been to the original location in Delano, it’s been great. Woodlawn and Central tends to do a good job as well. On our latest visit to NuWay, we swung by their South Seneca location. The last two times we stopped by, we were very underwhelmed. So is the third time the charm?

2415 S. Seneca
Wichita, KS 67217

Open Daily: 10:30am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

We stopped in for carryout and ordered a couple NuWay burgers, a chocolate shake, onion rings, and a kids’ meal with curly fries.

We would have ordered tater tots but it looks like that is something they no longer sell anymore. That was brand new to us. Of course our trip would not be complete without some root beer. The girl working the counter was very pleasant to talk to while ordering.

But soon after, everything would start to go downhill after we received our order.

Our buns were nearly rock hard and the meat was on the colder side. You would think the drive home would cause a burger to get lukewarm with a soggy bun. Somehow it was the reverse. The onion rings were unbearable; it’s almost as if they were not even cooked. The kids said the same thing about the fries. We asked for curly fries and I think two fries may have had a “curl” in it otherwise to call them “curly fries” would have been a slap in the face to the name curly fry. And if you’re ordering a kids’ meal, just be aware of how small the portion size of fries included is.

I’ve been a long avid supporter of NuWay on many occasions and this was the third horrible visit to that NuWay location. On top of it, that was our worst NuWay experience ever when it came to the food.

Most of the food went to the trash.

The only saving grace was the chocolate shake and the root beer which has never failed us.

This will likely be the last time we ever step foot into that location again.

Here’s the menu:

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7 thoughts on “The inconsistencies of NuWay Burgers locations”

  1. You’re lucky as most time the grease would soak through the bag and stain the leather seats. The South Seneca location was a great place to eat up until a year ago when for whatever reason the food became downright NASTY, and we stopped eating there for good.

  2. Nu-Way isn’t the same.
    They have discontinued the Tip-Top, pork fritter sandwich!
    I find this unforgivable!
    South Seneca and Harry stores really do suck!

  3. Go to west Douglas location. Can’t beat original. Once again serving pork tenders (tiptops). Also have tots

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