Las Rosas Wichita Mexican Grill Review

At the recommendation of many readers, we finally stopped by Las Rosas Mexican Grill. We’ve heard lots of good things from people and figured we should stop by over dinner one evening.

1050 W. 47th St. South
Wichita, Kansas 67217-4828

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8:30pm
Friday: 11am – 9pm
Saturday: 11am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 11am – 7pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Once we were seated, we were given complimentary chips and salsa. They were pretty typical, very tomato-ey with not a lot of heat. But that’s not a bad thing as I probably went through 3-4 bowls of it.

After perusing through their five-page menu, we settled on their molcajete dish. It’s a traditional Mexican dish with grilled steak, chicken, chorizo, shrimp, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions. It’s topped with cheese, pico de gallo, and jalapeños. It’s then served with rice, fried beans and tortillas.

Upon talking to our server we were told, it was a meal that was great for two people so we went for it. Sooner after a big piping steaming hot bowl was placed in front of us. The sizzle sounded amazing.

We dug right in. To be completely honest, there were some good things and bad things about it. There was so much food and we didn’t leave hungry. It’s the perfect style meal to share with a loved one. Unfortunately the meat just didn’t do it for us. We loved most of the shrimp and chorizo but the steak and chicken was bland and unseasoned. Half of the bowl fell a little flat for us. I particularly loved the sauce it was swimming in but it wasn’t enough to save the meat for us. Had that been better, we really think the molcajete could have been a homerun. But in essence it was more of a double which isn’t bad by any means.

What we really loved about the place was the nice lady who was running the show. She was very engaging and so nice to us. It makes me wish we had 100% glowing things to say about it all. With how pleasant she was and the quality of service, we would be more than willing to return soon for another attempt at a different dish.

Here’s their menu:

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