Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings now open in Wichita

Have you ever had Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings before? Chances are you have if you’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese.

On Monday, Chuck E. Cheese at 3223 N Rock Road reopened their dining room and gaming area. With that, Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings popped up on GrubHub in Wichita. If you hop on to the GrubHub app, you’ll notice they share the same address. In fact, it’s essentially the same restaurant.

Pasqually is the name of one of the Chuck E. Cheese characters and in the inspiration for a “sub-brand” of sorts. By creating separate brands for its wings and pizza, they hope to have a better chance of capturing a potential customer who searches for those items on a third-party app.

Rumor has it Pasqually’s Pizza has a thicker crust and more sauce but I’m not exactly sure that’s good enough to order a different style of a Chuck E. Cheese pizza. But if someone is willing to do the comparison for me, have at it.

This certainly isn’t the first switch-a-roo of sorts to happen in Wichita. Applebee’s also operates as Neighborhood Wings on GrubHub.

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