Restaurants that have closed over the past couple months

There’s been an influx of restaurants that have closed down, some which made the news and others which went away quietly.

Here’s a quick rundown of restaurants who are no longer a part of our dining community:

Armando’s Mexican Grill, 2227 N Arkansas
The Mexican restaurant had a short-lived run on North Arkansas. If you really enjoyed this restaurant, they have a location in Clearwater, KS.

Denny’s, 8030 E Kellogg & 5700 W Kellogg
Two Denny’s locations have officially closed leaving just one standing in Wichita at 4024 E Harry.

Gladspoon, 7330 W Maple
As reported here, the edible cookie dough business located near Maple and Ridge quietly closed down but the flagship Milkfloat location is still open.

Krab Kingz Seafood, 784 N West St
This restaurant made it a little over two years. They had a big start but reports of failing quality and service couldn’t have helped. Signs are now down and the phone has been disconnected.

Taco Bueno, 3530 N Rock Road
If you enjoyed the 59-cent party tacos, then this is probably the news you don’t want to here. The building won’t be empty for long though as a Taco Tico will be taking it’s place.

Wichita Chicken Fried House, 1305 N Hillside
This restaurant that took the space of a Church’s Chicken is now fried….. literally.

Zoe’s Kitchen, 1441 N Webb Road
The back-and-forth saga of Zoe’s Kitchen came to a close when it was confirmed the Mediterranean restaurant closed for good.

There are two restaurants I’ve been trying to contact to get statuses on: TOPS Steaks and Hoagies along with BurgerFi. If any of you have info on these two restaurants, feel free to reach out to me especially TOPS!

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