Saigon Oriental Restaurant Revisited

With restaurants reopening, we wanted to go and support some of our favorites around town. Our latest stop for dinner took us to Saigon Oriental Restaurant. They recently reopened their dining room and I’ve never seen the restaurant as empty as the other night. On the bright side, we were given exceptional service.

1103 N Broadway
Wichita, KS 67214

Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

We started off with an order of spicy kimchi which was made in house. I loved the kick it had and how it wasn’t overly saucy.

For dinner, we went with the ever popular #45 Bun with char-broiled pork, vegetables and egg rolls. I also wanted to try something different there so went with #66 Sai Fun Noodles with mixed seafood of shrimp and squid.

The #45 as always was phenomenal, the char-broiled pork had a nice smokey flavor to them with a small hint of spice to it. Once mixed in with the noodles, vegetables and fish sauce, it was a meal that was finished off quickly. There’s never leftovers when it comes to that dish.

The Sai Fun noodles were also amazing. I love the pan fried clear noodles. The dish was also topped with tons of sautéed fresh vegetables and seafood. The squid and shrimp weren’t puny either. They were big thick pieces to make sure you didn’t leave hungry. Fortunately my appetite had a second wind and I was able to knock the entire plate out after nearly asking for a to go box.

The service, as noted earlier, was great. They were friendly, quick and followed all the COVID-19 concerns such as spacing, masks, hand sanitizer available, etc. Saigon Oriental Restaurant is definitely worthy in my list of Top 50 Favorite Restaurants.

Here was their menu:

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