Undisputed Nutrition Revisited

I wanted to stop back by a business that I wasn’t able to make it into earlier because of COVID-19. I was left to do curbside pickup the first time and made it a point to revisit them. It’s Undisputed Nutrition who recently opened at Tyler and Kellogg. They sell protein shakes and energy teas in a niche that has been picking up in town with similar businesses popping up.

600 S Tyler Road
Wichita, KS 67209

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 8am
Friday: 7am – 6:30pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sunday: 12pm – 3pm


Cash/Card Accepted

As mentioned before, this isn’t a realm I’m really knowledgeable on but if anything please use this as a reference for a new local business that has opened in town. I don’t work out, I’m not really into the juice bar type thing, and nutrition isn’t my thing. So to fully explain Undisputed Nutrition, I’ll let them have at it. This is what they say on their webpage:

At Undisputed Nutrition, we believe in providing the highest quality protein shakes and energy teas in the Wichita area. We use only the best ingredients and supplements to fuel all of our drinks, giving you delicious options that are actually good for you, too.

We serve protein shakes that are meal replacements but taste like dessert (and yet it’s all guilt-free!), including mixing up fresh fruit into many of our flavors to give you the benefit of the right kind of carbs.

Our teas help to hydrate your body, aiding recovery and allow you to push through that next workout. Try our pre-workout teas that give you the energy through that next session in the gym; plus, we even offer options without caffeine but help to increase blood flow and aid muscle recovery. Energy without the jitters!

On our first go around, my family all came up and loved everything we had from the mint chocolate chip protein smoothie to the java chip protein smoothie and the mango banana protein smoothie.

At $5 a smoothie, I figured why not order another one again. This time I went with the orange julius as an homage to all my friends who used to work at one at Towne East years ago.

As expected it tasted just like it was named. It wasn’t too acidic or strong in flavor, it was toned down just right. I found myself finishing it off in minutes.

Since protein shakes are a foreign world to me and the number of flavor combinations are so vast, I can all but guarantee you that you’d find a flavor you’d enjoy. It’s like walking into an ice cream shop that has 88 flavors, you’re bound to find one you’d like. As a guy who writes a lot about food and eats out a ton, the health benefits are not something I pay much attention to but for you, they may.

If you’re all about protein shakes or even teas, this could be a place right up your alley. They are out west but will also delivery anywhere in town for free. The owner also has a food truck that sells shakes, shaved ice, coffee and more called Newlife Nutrition.

Here’s their menu:

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