Wade Waffle Co to debut in Wichita this Saturday

Picture courtesy of Wade Waffle Co Facebook Page

A new food truck is set to debut in Wichita this Saturday at 1814 W. Douglave Ave at Malibu Creative. Arriving in from Lawrence, KS will be Wade Waffle Co.

They will be out from 7am to 11am and will post the menu for Saturday on their Instagram story soon.

Obviously from the name, they are a mobile food vendor that specializes in sweet and savory liege waffles.

What’s a liege waffle you ask? From looking at their website they had this to say:

The waffles most Americans are accustomed to are made from a sweet batter, baked on a waffle iron, and then smothered in butter and syrup. Don’t get us wrong, we love those waffles, but we think you’ll be blown away by the Liege waffle, the distant cousin to the kind we all grew up on.

Liege waffles originated in Liege, Belgium and take a little more time and love to create. Instead of whipping up a batter, we first make a sweet, yeast dough that is allowed to rise and develop luscious, pillowy air pockets. We then fold in little nuggets of imported Belgian pearl sugar, and let them rise once again. When these puffy little mounds of dough hit our specially designed Liege waffle iron, they expand and the pearl sugar caramelizes throughout the waffle. With all this gooey goodness, you won’t even miss the syrup!

They have been operating out of Lawrence, KS and made the move to Wichita earlier this year.

You can follow them on Instagram (@wadewaffleco) on their Facebook page for updates.

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