Wichita just lost it’s Taste of Philadelphia… for now

I’ve been trying for months to find out what was going on with T.O.P.S. Steaks and Hoagies. Partly because I’ve been a fan of their food and second, because I purchased a $100 gift certificate at a charity benefit earlier this year.

All my emails, social media messages and phone calls went unanswered and then the big blow took place this afternoon. I received a report that the restaurant was emptied out.

Since I was out for lunch, I stopped by and was able to confirm the restaurant was closed. All the equipment was gone from the interior. While randomly talking to a nearby business tenant, a lady told me they were searching for a new place.

This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve closed out of the blue. But as it stands now, T.O.P.S. Steaks and Hoagies: A Taste of Philadelphia Style (for short) is now closed.

That leaves Charleys Philly Steaks as the sole survivor of dedicated Philly cheese steak restaurants in town…… bummer.

Now to go see if I can return this gift certificate at Costco since they take back everything.

Happy Dining,

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