Country Cafe Review

I wanted to grab breakfast at a restaurant I haven’t been to in quite some time. Many of what people read about are the same breakfast options in town so I want to start getting more reviews out on other places in Wichita. The latest stop took me to Country Cafe on south Seneca.

2804 S Seneca,
Wichita, KS 67217

Monday – Saturday: 7am – 8pm
Sunday: 7am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted

During my visit, I kept my order fairly simple with a couple staples and one of my favorite breakfast dishes. Every breakfast always consists of biscuits and gravy. Then I had a side of pancakes along with some corned beef hash.

The eggs were decent as were the hashbrowns. I would have preferred my hashbrowns to be cooked a little more to the point there was a crispy layer over the top but that’s all relative to what you like. The pancakes were also fairly average as far as pancakes go. They weren’t soggy or anything special; just your basic set of pancakes.

Unfortunately I was very underwhelmed with the rest of my meal. The corned beef hash was VERY mushy. There was hardly any texture to it and fell very flat to my tastebuds. While the biscuit was nice, doughy and fluffy, the gravy was a big letdown. It tasted like premade gravy powder mix. Adding something like gravy would have done wonders.

Overall I was very unimpressed with my visit to Country Cafe.

The restaurant drew a decent crowd and perhaps it was from people ordering the non-breakfast menu. I don’t know. The service there was great and they seemed to have quite a few regulars coming in.

For me if I were to go back, it’d strictly be for a lunch or dinner item.

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