Emerson Biggins Sports Bar & Grill Review

Our latest review covered the west side bar, Emerson Biggins Sports Bar & Grill, located near 21st and Maize Road. While there’s a full bar and a Hall of Games (for a separate review), this review will focus strictly on the food.

2330 N Maize Road #100
Wichita, KS 67205

Sunday – Friday: 11am – 12am
Saturday: 10:30am – 12am


Cash/Card Accepted

This reviewed spanned two visits as I stopped by with friends one evening and then with family on another.

On the first stop, it was just friends and we all stuck with burgers and beer. The four of us ordered an assortment of burgers. I stuck with my go to, the E.B. Burger. I know many people rave about the fried tacos. I’ve had them and am just not a big fried taco fan. Perhaps I’m very biased because of the name of the burger (it’s not named after me) but it’s my favorite item on the menu. It includes cheddar cheese topped with a slice of ham, sautéed onions & mushroom and a fried egg. The burger is best when accompanied by their tots. What makes it for me are the sautéed onions and mushrooms along with the fried egg which gets me every time. It’s not exactly the juiciest or greasiest burger you’ll find but for a burger it’s well above average and satisfying. I’m never let down when ordering it and stuffed when done.

My friends felt the same about their burgers. It’s not a place that will likely make most people’s Top 3 burgers list but for what it is, it’s very enjoyable.

On another visit this time with family, our order was much different.

We had an apple walnut salad, chicken tenders, a pepperoni pizza, nachos, and mozzarella balls to start. As far as bar sides go, the mozzarella bars were fantastic. Everyone had positive things to say about them, and they were gone quickly. Each ball was stuffed with plenty of cheese and the marinara sauce heightened the experience. The nachos were a slight letdown. For cheese fans, the nachos had a shortage of cheese going on. There was a small layer over the top which left the rest of the chips underneath craving the creamy goodness.

The salad, chicken tenders and pizza were basic. Nothing really all that special or memorable to note but decent enough where nobody left unhappy. On a positive note, the portion sizes for the chicken and the salad were great.

On each visit, we had really good service. The first go around, they started off a bit slow but by the end of our evening, the servers did a great job. On the latter visit, they were there helping us and all the surrounding tables from start to finish. No real complaints there.

As for the food, it was an above average experience. The food wasn’t exactly breathtaking, but we didn’t go into both nights expecting it. We just wanted decent food and a fun environment where both checkboxes were marked off.

Here’s their menu:

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