First Look at El Rincon Mexican Restaurant

A new restaurant has finally opened in the former Beijing Bistro space that closed in early 2019. El Rincon Mexican Restaurant took over and opened a week ago. We stopped by after their grand opening to get an idea of what you can expect on your visit. Keep in mind some changes are still coming including the sale of liquor and beer which is coming soon.

11309 E Kellogg Ave Suite 200
Wichita, Kansas 67207

Monday – Thursday: 11am – 9pm
Friday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Sunday: 11am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

The menu for El Rincon Mexican Restaurant is quite large at nine pages with loads of different options. While glancing through it, my cousin mentioned the menu resembled that of Rio Grille and Cantina in Andover for those familiar with the place.

Our dinner started off with complimentary chips and salsa. To our surprise, they also brought out a small bowl of complimentary cheese dip as well. I guess every table gets one. The chips were very light, well salted and great for dipping in both the cheese dip and salsa. Everybody loved the chips. The salsa was pretty standard but that’s not a bad thing, we still went through many bowls of it. As for the cheese dip, I think I ate the whole bowl myself. It’s not something I ever really order but found it to be creamy and delicious.

For dinner, my family ordered a huge assortment of different items. We had the vampiro tacos, Colorado burrito, ceviche, shrimp molcajete, enchiladas and of course rice for my daughter.

The opinions were a little mixed on the food. Here’s how most of the comments on the food went:

  • The vampiro tacos weren’t bad. I liked them. The chicken and steak were much better than the two options.
  • The ceviche was good although it could have offered more of a citrus bite to it. Still worth ordering again.
  • Kids pounded through the enchiladas; same for the Colorado burrito which both proved to be really worthwhile dishes.
  • The least liked of the dishes was probably the shrimp molcajete. Of course this is all subjective as is all food but the amount of smothered cheese over the top kind of took away from the rest of the meat. One suggestion would also be to have a molcajete dish with a variety of different meats and fish inside.

For the most part, everybody was pleased with their dishes. Nothing really wowed us but at the same time, we didn’t walk away feeling unhappy with the experience.

We ended our meal with some complimentary fried chips that were sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon and topped with whipped cream and chocolate. There were eight on the plate which was enough for everyone at the table. I’m a sucker for anything with whipped cream over the top.

What really made the experience even better was the service. There was an attention to detail that showed. They really took care of us. While observing the restaurant, the same treatment was given to everybody. Our server did such a great job which stuck out.

I think another review here will be in order once they get in the swing of things.

Here’s their menu:

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