First Look at Town & Country Classic Restaurant

The restaurant has been around for over 60 years on west Kellogg. But with the new ownership, a new lease, a new building came a new rebranded Town & Country Classic Restaurant. The new place opened recently in the former Paula’s Bar & Grill space. I decided to check it out on my current weekly breakfast tour.

10510 W Southwest Blvd
Wichita, KS 67215

Monday – Saturday: 6am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 7am – 8:30pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Breakfast is only served until 11am at the new Town & Country Classic so I swung by early in the morning to get a taste of what they had cooking.

My daughter came along for the ride and we stuck with just the basics this time around. We didn’t want anything fancy. Our order consisted of their two-egg special which included a meat and hash browns. I also had a half-order of biscuits and gravy and a side scrambled egg for my daughter.

The eggs and sausage links came out perfectly fine and as ordered. There’s not much else to say about that. As for the hash browns, they were pretty disappointing. They were overcooked and nearly crispy throughout. It had a hard texture and I just decided to pass on eating most of it.

On the bright side, the biscuit was warm and flaky. There wasn’t anything too special about the gravy though.

As far as breakfast goes, this was a pretty run-of-the-mill dish that didn’t exactly wow me. While the hash browns were very disappointing, everything else was simple and a “business as usual” type of breakfast where I ate my meal and left it at that.

The service was very friendly but there were some minor hiccups. Having to ask for items like a menu and silverware and missing food when it arrived, all felt like Town & Country Classic was still a work in progress.

We’ve enjoyed our visit to the old Town & Country and hope over time things can succeed. The restaurant is a bit off the beaten path for a majority of Wichita population so to be successful, great food and service are a must if diners are to make the drive out to southwest Wichita.

Here’s the breakfast menu:

Happy Dining,

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6 thoughts on “First Look at Town & Country Classic Restaurant”

  1. Really on the hash browns? Crispy is the only reason for having hash browns. If you don’t want crispy, order something else. I hate soggy hash browns!

  2. Not much of a pick for breakfast to check them out. Everybody likes their hash browns different like they do their eggs.

    Go back and try the lunch menus and or the dinner menu. My wife and I gave them a try last week and we’re not disappointed at all!

  3. They have untrained cooks at BOTH Towne n country Pat’s gone and any cooks who knew how to cook!! Crispy HB are great but not so crispy you can’t chew them!! Those eggs are over cooked scrambles eggs look at that “dirty” grease on plate! Eeeww I was a breakfast cook many years I would be disappointed also!

  4. 12/27/2020 I got dirty silverware the my food was cold my I asked for a warm up and get a baked potato that was so over cooked you couldn’t eat it 48 bucks for two people just no good

  5. Orderd the dinner pork chop. If it had been any been thinner there wouldn’t have been two sides to it. Because it’s just south óf our neighborhood, we’ll give it another try. Hopefully everything else will be good. Waitress rapidly said everything fine, good! Didn’t wait for our answer. That’ll be $22.01. Not even a ticket. When she sees the pork chop left on the plate. Maybe she’ll see for her self the wanna be breakfasts pork chop at best. Now I did try the chicken fry that was on the wife’s salad. That was great! So I’ll go back añd order the chicken fried steak next time.

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