Genova Italian Restaurant Review

When asking for suggestions on where to eat, the most recommended restaurant was Genova Italian Restaurant. Driving into Newton, KS for my day of dining there, I had no real game plan except for stopping by this place. Everything else was up in the air but I had to make sure there was room in my stomach for a heavy meal. Let’s check it out.

1021 Washington Rd
Newton, KS 67114

Tuesday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Sunday: 11am – 3pm
Monday: Closed


Cash/Card Accepted

When it comes to reviewing Italian food, I have three rules that everybody should abide by. 1.) Never take into account the opinion of any blogger on Italian food. 2.) Never take into the account the opinion of anybody else on Italian food and 3.) Never take into account my opinion on anything.

Italian food is very polarizing. Everybody has their own definition of what good Italian food is. People judge Italian food on what’s “authentic” without probably ever traveling to Italy and visiting all the hundreds of regions and different styles there are, or they just had it from one person and that’s all they know. So for me when I eat Italian food, I focus on one thing, “Did it taste good?”

To start my lunch, I was given some complimentary bread and a Mediterranean dipping oil that included sun dried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, garlic and onion. Good gawd, I’m not sure what else they put in that sauce but it kept me coming back for me. I about picked up the whole bowl and licked it dry.

Oh yeah…. the bread was really soft and good as well. It had a buttery feel to it and almost melted in my hand.

After looking through the menu, I had absolutely no idea what to order. I left it completely up to my server, and he recommended the beef ravioli. He originally said the stromboli but with a jam-packed day of eating, I wasn’t sure that was a good idea.

…..well the ravioli probably wasn’t a good idea either. Behold this heavy beauty…..

There was so much cheese layered over the top. Hiding underneath were plenty of incredibly beef-stuffed raviolis. Last week, we took my daughter in for her one year-appointment and she came in at 18lbs. I’m pretty sure each individual ravioli weighed more than that. It was filling, delicious and about knocked me out for the day. The only thing I would have liked more of was marinara sauce over the top. There was a major cheese flavor to it and I’m a huge lover of marinara sauce….literally give me all the sauce.

Overall it was a fantastic meal that left me crawling away happy. The best part of it was how affordable everything was. My entire meal rang up at $9 plus change and I felt like it was worth way more than that.

A young gentleman was my host, server and cashier and did a wonderful job of taking care of me over lunch.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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5 thoughts on “Genova Italian Restaurant Review”

  1. I love your 3 rules on Italian food!!
    I have been to several parts in Italy & it was one of my favorite countries to visit in Europe due to the FOOD, among other things!
    I do not like Genova…, but with your rules, it’s ok! I know people that do like it, just not me!

  2. Second time to eat hear,I didn’t think it could get better than the first time I was here to eat ,but today I came with a party of four and everything look so great and mine was even better than the first visit.Rosie the owner is just a home down girl but knows how to please her customers….will be back many times even if it’s thirty Mile’s from my house .

  3. We’ve eaten there several times and tried many of the dishes on the menu. All have been excellent. Sometimes I think a little too much cheese, but I love cheese so it’s okay. The rolls and dipping oil are to die for. They alone would make the trip worthwhile.

  4. My oldest son had been telling me how good Genova is, and he took me yesterday to prove it. I had the Genova special and got a Mediterranean pizza to go. The special was pretty good, the bread and dipping sauce was fantastic, and when I had some of the pizza this morning, it was great too. They had the right balance of anchovies too, I didn’t taste them very much until the third piece I ate, so they managed to keep it under control.

    I plan to take my little foodie group in a few weeks, after more of us are vaccinated.

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