Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes Review

Burgers were a must for me when I drove out to Newton, KS for my day of dining. After reading back everyone’s suggestions, Gurty’s Burgers & Shakes came highly recommended. Even after tacos and Italian food, I somehow found a way to fit some burgers and fries in my belly. Let’s check out this burger joint…….

214 E 12th St
Newton, KS 67114

Open Daily: 11am – 8pm


Cash/Card Accepted

For some reason, I was expecting some small hole in the wall but upon arrival it was the exact opposite of that. The exterior had a very cool sign up front and the interior was spotless and well-kept. There was plenty of seating to go around and their wall of candy was fairly impressive.

But I wasn’t there for candy, I came strictly for the burger and fries.

My order was a double hamburger with everything on it and some shoestring fries. Starting off with the fries, they were left in the frier just a tad bit too long. Picking them up was like picking up sticks which was unfortunate because the flavor was there. They were stiff yet if fried just right could have been the perfect fry. I loved the size and thickness of it and hope this was just an outlier of a visit.

Similar to the fries, the burger had lots of potential. I loved the bun, the thickness of the burger was great and the toppings were stacked and topped proportionately. But for me, I love a good juicy burger and this was just a dry patty with not much grease or any semblance of juiciness to it. With each bite, I was hoping my experience would improve (and was rooting for it to happen) but it never did.

What I did love besides the service from two friendly ladies working that day was the strawberry milkshake. This came at the recommendation at one of the servers and was fantastic. It was my roadie for the way home to Wichita. This was smooth, creamy and exactly what a shake should be.

I had some high hopes for Gurty’s but the visit just didn’t meet those expectations. There were some positive takeaways in the quality of the food but the execution wasn’t there for me that particular day. I could be wrong but I told myself it must have been an off day. I’ve heard good things from people I trust and was kind of wowed that my experience didn’t match it.

Price wise it was certainly on the high end that some people may be used to spending on a burger. A double alone without sides or a drink was $7.49 so that’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re price conscientious about food which I’m not.

Given the quality of the establishment and service, I’d be more than willing to give this place a second try if I return for a Newton Day of Dining 2.

Here’s their menu:

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