Jimmy’s Egg Review

For a quick breakfast stop before work, I headed over to Jimmy’s Egg. It’s a breakfast chain with quite a few locations throughout the U.S. but five here in Wichita. For the purpose of this review, I visited the downtown spot located at Hydraulic and Douglas.

106 S Hydraulic Ave
Wichita, KS 67211

Open Daily: 6am – 2pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Their special of the morning was a fried pork chop with hash browns and two eggs. I decided to go with that along with an order of sausage and gravy.

Everything came out quickly. While I enjoyed the warm biscuits the gravy was quite the letdown. There wasn’t much to it; just simple gravy with nothing like sausage or anything to really enhance it. It was as basic as possible; nothing to write home about.

The fried pork chop was surprisingly decent. It wasn’t the most meaty pork chop I’ve had but it was a satisfying portion size that didn’t leave me hungry or overly stuffed to start my morning. I really enjoyed their hash browns which came with a nice crispy layer over the top. And the eggs came just as I ordered, so I had zero complaints there.

While I wasn’t exactly wowed by my meal, it was still satisfying as stated earlier and a worthwhile stop since I was in the area. The service was good; admittedly I felt a bit rushed but it wasn’t so bad that it’d deter me from another visit.

Compared to competitor’s downtown, I’m not sure there was much to really stand out from the others though. This was as simple as it gets.

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