Let’s Review Texas Roadhouse!

Let’s review Texas Roadhouse!

Texas Roadhouse is an American chain restaurant that specializes in steaks and encapsulated by a Western theme. There are over 500 locations around the world with two here in Wichita; one on west Kellogg and the latest one near 21st and Greenwich. For the purposes of this review we stopped by the original location out west.

At the request of the kids, Texas Roadhouse was their choice for dinner. They were there for two things.

First it was the complimentary dinner rolls with honey cinnamon butter. Every basket came out fresh and warm. If I had to go to Texas Roadhouse and order just one thing, this would be it.

Next up, the kids wanted Texas Roadhouse’s mac & cheese with fries. I hear people often say, “Why would you go (insert place) and order (insert food). Well people know what they want and like and this was their jam. They loved the creaminess and all the tender cheese smothered noodles. The fries were alright and slightly on the stiff tougher side.

The adults went with a chicken salad and the prime rib (cooked rare of course).

There wasn’t anything all too special about the chicken salad. There were loads of bacon and chicken over the bed of lettuce but nothing else really made it too memorable.

The prime rib was also just alright. It didn’t help matters that I also recently tried the prime rib at Bite Me BBQ so subconsciously I was comparing the two. While it was a really thick cut, it could have been a little more rare. It also wasn’t too fatty. Some of the prime rib was tough and other parts were really tender. Simply put, it was a decent prime rib but I’ve definitely had better.

When comparing it to other chain steakhouses, Texas Roadhouse does a great job from a service perspective and is above average on most of the food. Actually service is where they really excel. It’s a place many casual restaurants should model themselves after on how to take care of customers. Aside from that Texas Roadhouse is consistent and an affordable steakhouse to take the family to. And if you a free musical show, the line dancing in the aisles will be right up your alley.

….if anything the dinners rolls are worth it.

Happy Dining,

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