Local Spotlight: Spicy Fatallii Mustard from Chile Slinger

Chile Slinger

I was over at Steve’s Jams and Jellies and perusing through all the local products they had on hand. A single bottle was standing out by itself on the shelves. It was like God’s way of telling me, “Hey Eddy, go check this out.”

As I walked over to the bottle, I could hear the owner saying, “That stuff is excellent.” It was like his way of telling me, “Hey Eddy, you should buy it.”

The bottle was Spicy Fatalli Mustard from Chile Slinger which is blended, cooked and bottled right here! After reading more, it was a condiment, spicy and made locally; the holy trinity of specs I look for. It took all of one minute for me to make the decision to purchase it.

We had a BBQ the next day and figured it’d be perfect for deviled eggs. The sauce was mixed in with everything and we had 24 readily available for our guests.

Hot damn, they were amazing. I love mustard already and I love deviled eggs and I love spicy food. This was the perfect combination of all three. The heat was minimal but definitely noticeable and flavorful. No lie, I had at least 12 of them myself.

The next day, I made nuggets for the family (and when I say family, I really mean myself). It was an excuse to give me another reason to try the mustard. I think I had more Spicy Fatallii Mustard than actual nuggets.

By itself without being mixed in with something like deviled eggs, there was a stronger mustard aftertaste to it that lingered in a good way. I found myself going back for more and more…. almost to the point I just drank it straight out of the bottle.

As a lover of all condiments, this is going to be in my regular rotation at home. The bottle was $8 at Steve’s Jams & Jellies. They also make BBQ sauce and rubs.

I’d recommend checking out the Chile Sling BBQ website or their Facebook page for more.

Happy Dining,

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