Ready for something a little different in Wichita? A new food truck called Brazita Bites will soon be opening in Wichita. The name of the food truck was inspired by the two places owner, Rodrigo Ciriaco, calls home, Brazil and Wichita.

Rodrigo and his wife will be opening the food truck together. They are still waiting licensing and final wrapping for the food truck before they can open.

What they will be bringing to the Wichita dining scene is something a little different, Coxinha. It’s a ready to serve bite size delight which is a fried dough stuffed with meats and cheese that’s native to Brazil. The easy to consume treats should make for a great food truck rally dish.

Once Brazita Bites has an opening date and menu ready, I’ll be sure to pass it on. Until then, you can follow them on Facebook or check them out on Instagram @brazitabites

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