Spicy Garlic Ramen’s my latest obsession at Rice & Roll By Xing Xing

By now you’ve probably heard of Rice & Roll By Xing Xing. They are one of the popular egg roll restaurants that have recently opened in 2020. Over the past couple months, these restaurants have gone beyond the egg roll to expand their menus. I wanted to revisit both of them to see what else was new.

My newest obsession at Xing Xing isn’t their egg rolls now but the spicy garlic ramen.

1920 E Pawnee
Wichita, Kansas 67211

Tuesday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Closed on Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

One of the newest additions to the menu was a spicy ramen noodles that’s different from what you’d find at a Sakura or Yokohama Ramen Joint. The dish comes without the broth and includes meatballs, shrimp, and crab meat. Another difference is the ability to choose your level of spiciness. You can go with spice levels anywhere from 0 to 7. A vegan option is also available.

On our stop we went with a 1 and a 5. We wanted something mild for everybody to have and then a 5 for myself. Usually I’d go all out and order a 6 or 7 but was warned to start off with a 5.

The dish was amazing, filling and delicious. There was so much oily goodness going on, I couldn’t stop eating. There was so no shortage of meatballs, crab meat and shrimp hiding underneath. At 5, I didn’t find it all too spicy but that’s all very subjective to one person’s tolerance for heat. So I plan on going back soon to try 6. Everyone else at home finished their meals off with zero complaints. Typically, we are used to getting our ramen with the broth which is equally fantastic. So you can’t go wrong with this brothless version either.

On top of that, the lady who owns the place is just amazing. I remember visiting her home-based business for the first two times as complete strangers. Over time, I’ve seen what she’s done in the community, gotten to know her a bit better and am really happy to see how far she’s come. Of course, it helps the food is amazing.

Now I’ll probably go back for more ramen today.

Here’s their menu:

Happy Dining,

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2 thoughts on “Spicy Garlic Ramen’s my latest obsession at Rice & Roll By Xing Xing”

  1. Stopped in today and the Garlic Ramen is great.

    I went with the seven and it was great, the top of my bald head broke out in a sweat and my nose ran, it was excellent!

  2. I am addicted, went there again so that makes twice this week.

    The Garlic Ramen #7 is the way to go!

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