SpringRo Revisited

It’s been a couple of years since my last stop to SpringRo. Some friends were looking to meet up for some lunch and since we were up north, I figured this would be a great opportunity to revisit the Vietnamese rolls and bowls restaurant.

6254 E 37th St. N Suite #180
Wichita, KS 67220

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Sunday

Cash/Card Accepted

SpringRo is a Vietnamese restaurant that originally specialized in larger size spring rolls but has since expanded their menu to include other Vietnamese dishes like Bánh mi, beef stew and pho.

I love introducing people to new places, and this was both of my friends first visit there. After walking them through the menu, they ended up ordering a Bánh mi and some spring rolls. I also went with a couple of spring rolls.

To start things off, my friend felt that the fried rice was very dry and ended up tossing most of it. He also had the Bánh mi. Based from aesthetics, I’ve seen some better-looking ones. It looked a bit rushed and torn apart upon arrival, but as long as it was appealing to the taste buds, that was the important part.

I have this love/hate relationship with the spring rolls at SpringRo. On the bright side, they are huge; much bigger than your traditional spring rolls. So much is stuffed into the rice paper. On the flip side, eating it never ends well, as it just falls apart. Nearly every time, I’m stuck eating it by hand halfway through and then by fork the rest of the way. For what it’s worth, though, the both of us still enjoyed our spring rolls. They were fresh which was the most important part and had no shortage of noodles and protein inside.

I also went with one of their pineapple frozen drinks with some whipped cream on top. That was extremely refreshing.

SpringRo is a nice little restaurant that doesn’t necessarily get a lot of traffic given the area of town they are in and having to deal with all this pandemic stuff. The owner is a sweet lady that engages with every customer. If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Here’s their menu:

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