Stopping by EMELI KATE: Nails & Lashes for pedicures

It’s been quite a few months. Outside of going out to eat, we haven’t had a chance to really treat ourselves to some of the nice luxuries in life. Raising a one-year-old in the middle of a pandemic limits our options on what to do. One thing I know mom will never pass up on is being treated to a pedicure. And dad? Well I’m also one to rarely say no to one either. We’ve traveled around town over the past couple years visiting different salons and the latest stop took us to EMELI KATE.

446 S Ridge Road Suite 300
Wichita, Kansas 67209

Monday – Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

I always say this when talking about my pedicure experiences and I’ll say it again. I’m at no level of expertise to be reviewing nail salons for people. But considering well over 55% of my readers at female, I figured this visit would be a nice topic for a blog to let people know of another option in town. And at the very least, it prepares me in the future for where to go on future daddy/daughter pedi dates. (Is it bad I’m getting giddy just thinking about that?)

EMELI KATE opened in late 2019. It’s located on Ridge between Kellogg and Maple in the same strip that holds Firehouse Subs right next to Abuelo’s. To be honest, I don’t know of many west side nail salons and can’t think of any others at this time (granted I’m relatively a rookie to the pedicure scene of Wichita). So for starters, this is a place to definitely consider for pedicures, manicures and whatever else people do at salons.

For me, it’s always strictly pedicures.

The staff there was very engaging and delightful. Every time we go in, I get asked what color I’d like my toenails painted. Everybody has a good laugh about it, but I swear one of these times I’m going to throw everyone off and actually choose a color. Perhaps, black and yellow if the Shocker basketball season happens later this year.

Every time I get a pedicure, I always do the heated towel wrap if available and massage. Blogging is HARD on my legs and feet! Ok maybe not, but chasing a baby who’s now mobile is so I deserved all of this.

All in all we had a great, relaxing time that was perfect heading into the holiday weekend.

Like I said, I’m not one to be in the business in reviewing nail salons but I’m also here to help people find alternatives and suggestions for places to go. For me it’s fun and gives us an excuse to have a day date together.

EMELI KATE is definitely worth your consideration.

Check out their list of services here.

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