Taco Fajita Revisited

There are people who know about it and love it and there are others who still haven’t heard of them. For me, I’ve been going for years now and it has moved into my top ten favorite tacos list. It’s Taco Fajita Restaurant on south Meridian. They are known for three things: dollar tacos, the machete and incredible sauces.

1004 S Meridian Ave
Wichita, KS 67213

Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30am – 8pm
Closed on Sunday & Monday


Cash/Card Accepted

The most popular item at Taco Fajita is their dollar taco which goes for that price every single day. These aren’t your standard size of street tacos. While small in stature, they still pack a ton of flavor. I’ve had every single meat option on the menu and love them all. It’s seasoned well and placed on a single tortilla that has a slight grill texture to keep them intact. There’s zero sogginess to them in any drive home.

My favorite of all the meats is their suadero which is a special seasoned beef.

To enhance the tacos, they have various salsas/sauces to drown them in. There’s a mild, a spicy gauc and an atomic orange hot sauce that will leave you wanting more. It’s the type of heat that hits you but goes away soon after. Of course that’s all dependent on your tolerance for heat but I could drink cups of it. Their hot sauce is the best in town.

And of course there’s the machete which goes for $9.95. The machete is a quesadilla-like dish that measures two feet in length. It’s filled with the meat of your choice, white cheese, grilled bell peppers and onions. Once prepared, it looks like a machete and ready to inflict damage on any appetite. It’s a great dish for kids to share as well.

Ordering it to dine-in makes for a better visual presentation as well.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve eaten at Taco Fajita. Between the fantastic prices and food, it doesn’t end there. The staff there is so nice. One thing I’ll add is the food can be a little slow with their short staff and numerous orders to prepare. I’ve seen people go in and order dozens and dozens of tacos to go. Many times I’ll call in my order because sometimes I’m one of those people who’ll order dozens and dozens to go. They make for great party favors when you’re hosting and don’t have time to cook.

Taco Fajita is usually my go to for quick “Crap I’m having people over and need to feed them” scenarios.

Here’s their menu:

Tacos Fajitas

Tacos Fajitas

Tacos Fajitas

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