Asian Bistro Revisited

We wanted to do a big family lunch outing. Some of us were feeling catfish and my mother recently had a good experience at Asian Bistro, so we decided to revisit the Vietnamese restaurant located on South Webb Road.

1520 S Webb Rd #180
Wichita, KS 67207

Wednesday – Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Closed on Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

Asian Bistro sells large whole-cooked catfish for $44.95. They take roughly 30-40 minutes to cook. It’s usually best to calls these in ahead of time, but we ordered it on the spot. Since we had a wait ahead of us, we decided to order some appetizers (or what most other people would call actual meals).

We had spring rolls, banh mi’s, bun, and fried rice while our catfish was being fried. Asian Bistro typically isn’t our first choice for Vietnamese meals but with some other favorites closed at the time, this was what we decided on. With that said, the meals here were good but probably not better than much of the competition around town like Thao’s Bistro which is tops for us. Of course that is all subjective to taste and your experience could be far different.


While we weren’t exactly blown away by any of those meals, what we did highly enjoy was the catfish. It’s served family style and you get all the fixins to make your own spring rolls.

I think my mother had more enjoyment out of making spring rolls than she did eating. It was sort of reminiscent of times when my aunt was alive and we’d all sit around the dinner table making spring rolls together. It’s lunches like this, we always sit back and talk about old times.

The catfish itself was huge and was enough to feed the 6 of us plus kids. Of course, it helped many of us had full meals beforehand too.

In hindsight, we should have just called in the catfish order ahead of time and stuck with that. It was easily the best part of our meal and one we’d go back for again easily.

The service at Asian Bistro started off very slow but picked up towards the end.

Where else in town have you had catfish like this before? Chime in the comments below!

Happy Dining,

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