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The Berg shaved ice review

Shaved ice season is almost coming to a close, so we wanted to make a quick stop by one of the mobile trailers we have yet to cover, The ‘Berg. They are parked out at northeast Wichita near the QuikTrip at 21st and 127th street.

13011 E 21st St. North
Wichita, KS 67230


Cash/Card Accepted

By comparison, The ‘Berg had a smaller number of flavors to choose from than other competitors. But with roughly 25, that was still plenty. And let’s focus on the positive here. If you’re with kids, the less options the better. We don’t have time to watch them spend an hour just to figure out what they want, right?

There were also three sizes to choose from, small for $3, medium for $4 and large for $5.

Each of the sizes were essentially styrofoam cups but piled high with shaved ice. They came with little containers to catch any fallen shaved ice or even the portions that melted away.

The shaved ice itself was fluffy and perfect for a hot summer evening. My niece and I shared a piña colada and a purple cow (grape and vanilla cream) shaved ice. There was a table by the mobile trailer that even had little placeholders for the shaved ice.

All in all, it was your standard shaved ice affair. Pretty much any kid could easily find something they’d like.

I understand most people won’t travel around town for shaved ice unless you’re some loser blogger who finds enjoyment in driving around town for food. But if you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a stop.

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