Checking out Cy’s Hoof and Horn in Sedgwick, KS

If I’ve had one restaurant on my list that I’ve wanted to go to for the longest time, it’s been Cy’s Hoof and Horn Supper Club in Sedgwick, KS. I’ve heard many good things and finally found some time to make the drive up north to visit my most anticipated restaurant to dine at.

425 N Commercial Ave
Sedgwick, KS 67135

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Sunday


Cash/Card Accepted

A small group of us dropped by Cy’s recently. For most of us, it was our first time at the Sedgwick restaurant.

We started with a couple of appetizers of Rocky Mountain oysters and pepper jack cheese cubes. Both were great starts for our dinner, came out quickly and fried just right. Seriously is there any other appetizer that makes for good table talk than bull testicles?

For dinner, we had the most popular item on the menu, the chicken fried steak. We also ordered their prime rib weekend special and a side salad.

The sides and salad were nothing to write home about. They were all fairly basic but that was OK as the main features of our dinner were off the charts.

Going into Cy’s, there was a lot of hype on their chicken fried steak and they certainly delivered. It was a big heaping piece covered in a delicious gravy that impressed us. What we liked about it most was it was a lot of steak. We’ve seen many chicken fried steaks that look big but is really a ton of breading. Not here, Cy’s chicken fried steak was a good-sized piece with a light breading and gravy that was flavorful and not overly salty.

I was also fond of their prime rib which was cooked medium rare as that was the rarest they could go for me. My cut was a little on the fatty side but the rest of it was really tender. I didn’t even bother with an au jus as it was great by itself.

My friends at the other end of the table ordered a variety of things like salads, steaks and more. Everybody really enjoyed their meals with some noting the portion sizes were fantastic.

The service was very friendly. They stayed on top of everything to make sure we were taken care of. One thing we did notice was the place got busy quick with lines forming around dinner time. So, there was a sense they were trying to get tables turned over quick and feeling slightly rushed.

But overall, the food really lived up to the hype. I was pleased to see the one restaurant I’ve been wanting to try the most deliver on a great meal on a worthwhile trip.

I’d also recommend Uber when you’re headed home. Being drunk on a food is a real possibility.

Happy Dining,

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10 thoughts on “Checking out Cy’s Hoof and Horn in Sedgwick, KS”

  1. You forgot to mention that the State of Kansas busted Cy’s Hoof and Horn for illegally deducting money from paychecks of teenage employees. Furthermore, Cy has went to war with the citizens of Sedgwick Cy has repeatedly called the locals riff-raff that he doesn’t want in his establishment so there is more room for people from Wichita. Now, the townspeople of Sedgwick do NOT welcome you to our town to eat at Cy’s In addition, the townspeople of Sedgwick are fed up with Cy’s Wichita customers that park in the 15 minute parking front of our post office Often elderly are unable to get their mail due to jerks from Wichita at Cy’s. Our police are looking especially hard at all Sedgwick county plates fir DUI. Come to Sedgwick and go home via Harvey County jail

    1. How disgusting..way to be honest about profiling… I was all for trying this place until I read your ignorant comment

    2. I should clarify that I have asked our local law enforcement to track Sedgwick County plates at Cy’s. What our law enforcement actually does is their business I am only a citizen very concerned about out-of-towners drinking and driving in our small community

  2. As one of the main cooks there at cys I am pleased to hear your expectations were excedded. Thank you for the great reviews. Hope to see you all again.

  3. It first time we ate at Cy’s the chicken fried steak was great. The second time we went, the chicken fried steak was so salty we could hardly eat it. A friend said they had the same experience of too much salt when they took out of town guests there.

  4. I have been eating at Cy’s for over 20 years & the food has always been good with the chicken fry being the best in the state. I have taken many out of town/state friends & everyone agrees. I have a friend from Houston that if he is within 200 miles of Sedgwick he will drive to eat a chicken fry & always gets 1 to go as well. I sure see a lot of locals every time I am there so I’m guessing not all of them feel the way the person above does.

  5. My previous comments were probably harsh. However, there has been a conflict for some time between Cy’s and the townspeople of Sedgwick.

    The issue of elderly not being able to get their mail due to out-of-towners has been constant problem The manager of Cy’s recently used the Post Office 15 min parking while she was at work
    Just a few weeks ago a vehicle with a Sedgwick county plate pulled out of Cy’s in front of me obviously very intoxicated I have a 17 year old son that drives in this town.
    On three occasions I have been called to get a person from out-of-town off the sidewalk because they had been served so much alcohol they couldn’t even get to their car. Did I mention that I have a 17 year old son that drives in Sedgwick?
    The final straw was Cy trashing the City of Sedgwick and all of the citizens of Sedgwick to a new business owner in our community.
    For all you good folks that would like to visit Sedgwick, our community takes great pride in our Christian based non-profit coffee, pastry and ice cream shop The Meeting House.

  6. I consider myself a chicken fry snob and, for me, Cy’s is the best I’ve had in KS. Every dish I’ve seen looked incredible. Chicken, steak, salads, all fantastic. This place is highly recommended.

    Be careful about a mile south and into town as there is usually someone running radar.

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