What to expect at Inspirit Kombucha Brewing Co.

On a recent food truck visit, the truck was parked out at Inspirit Kombucha Brewing Co. They are a local brewer of kombucha here in Wichita. Since I was already there, I decided why not check it out and show some love to another local business.

3435 N Emporia St.
Wichita, KS 67219

Wednesday: 3:30pm – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 3pm
(other assorted days during events, check their Facebook page for more)


Cash/Card Accepted

While Inspirit Kombucha Brewing Co has been operating at farmers markets and other events for many years, they opened up their brewery and tap room earlier this year. What’s nice about the new location is there’s a nice patio attached along with a big open field the owners plan to turn into a small event space which could be perfect for yoga nights, movies underneath the stars, food truck events and other outdoor ideas.

Food trucks along with the new Flavors Coffee and Ice Cream Bar mobile trailer appear there often. When they do, Inspirit Kombucha has a little tent outside as well with kombucha on tap.

Personally, I’m not a kombucha drinker. I’ve given it a try many times and it just isn’t for me. If you’ve never had kombucha before it’s a carbonated, fermented tea that includes  probiotics and antioxidants and is believed to improve gut health. If you eat out a lot like me, kombucha is probably a necessity.

Wjile I was there, I told the owner my thoughts on kombucha and my distaste for the high vinegar aftertaste. He gave me a sample of their raspberry ginger flavor and I was pleasantly surprised. It had a subtle vinegar kick with a sweet aftertaste, unlike most kombucha I’ve had. I said, if they all tasted like this, I’d be down.

Similar to coffee, I’m not in the business of reviewing things I don’t necessarily have a lot of knowledge on. But like those other blogs, use this as a resource for what’s all out there in Wichita. If you’re into kombucha or open to trying different things, Inspirit Kombucha Brewing Co is worth it. Plus they plan to have more food trucks out during the week at their space. So on those visits, you can try local food and beverages.

To learn more and see what days they will operate outside, check out their Facebook page.

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