First Look at The Rolling Greek

The latest addition to the growing fleet of Wichita food trucks is The Rolling Greek. They are the first Greek food-based truck. Some people may be familiar with the food as it’s co-owned by the owner of the former Greek Plus restaurant that was located inside Towne West Square. After one of my favorite restaurants in all of Wichita closed, the owner was on the hunt for something new. Insert a new food truck.

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The Rolling Greek had a soft opening of sorts and ran with a limited menu on the first day. It consisted of gyros (with either chicken, beef, falafel or lamb), burgers, Philly steaks, fries, hummus and Greek salad. Probably in the next week, they will begin to roll out their menu (found below) with platters and other sandwiches/burgers.

On my visit, I ordered a lamb gyro, hummus and a Greek salad.

The gyro was just as good as I recall from Greek Plus. It was tender, seasoned well and very flavorful. There was no shortage of food stuffed in the soft pita bread. The hummus was a light garlic aftertaste and a slightly thicker texture to it than some of the Mediterranean restaurants in town. As for the salad, it was different from what I remember. Last time at Greek Plus, it was heavy on the vinegar which we didn’t like too much. This time around at The Rolling Greek, they were very light on the dressing and relied more on the feta cheese, cucumbers and tomatoes to liven it up which I felt did a good job.

I was pleased with my meal with much of it being very reminiscent to its predecessor of Greek Plus.

The guys working the truck were very nice and gracious and assured me the platters would be returning soon. I felt that’s where Greek Plus really shined and look forward to coming back for a revisited review.

Here’s the menu:

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