First Look at Tlaxcaltena Candy’s second location

There’s a new restaurant in the former La Carreta space that closed a few months ago. Tlaxcaltena Candy which currently resides in Westway MarketPlace now has a second location that recently opened. It’s a Mexican restaurant that also serves seafood. I had a great time at their Westway MarketPlace location, I decided to give this second location a go. Here’s what to expect.

1608 E Harry
Wichita, Kansas 67211

Open Daily: 8am – 9pm


Cash/Card Accepted

Tlaxcaltena Candy sells Mexican candies and other fare like tacos, tostadas, paletas, seafood and more.

It’s a place I’ve frequented a few times now at both locations. On one occasion, I stopped in for coctel de camaron and a tostada.

It’s basically well-chilled shrimp, ketchup, and tomato juice cocktail with avocado on top. I wish I took multiple pictures as the cup was filled with shrimp. Many American restaurants serve cocktail shrimps, some Mexican restaurants just take it to a new level. I’ll order it occasionally and love it every time.

On my most recent visit to Tlaxcaltena Candy, I wanted to finally try their tacos along with my favorite dish there, Aguacate Con Cebiche. But first, I was given complimentary chips and salsa. They had a mild and hot salsa, I had more of their green salsa which was very flavorful. Their hot was the tongue-burning and take your taste buds away type of hot, so I didn’t dive into that too much.

Let’s start with the tacos. They weren’t all that impressive to me. I had their al pastor which was very dry. Their tripe had a very soggy texture to them along with a fishier aftertaste. My personal preference is for a grilled crunchy tripa so your opinion of them could be different. Then I ended it with their chicharron which was better but ultimately not by much.

Fortunately, I saved the best for last. The aguacate con cebiche was a pure thing of beauty. I describe it like a deviled egg but with a large avocado and stuffed with ceviche. You could also make your own tostadas with it. It had a nice acidic blast that was toned down by the avocados. My server said many people top it off with Valentina hot sauce and ketchup. I decided to give that a try and she wasn’t kidding. It was so much better. At times I found myself, just picking up the avocado whole and trying my best to eat it by hand.

Anybody who loves seafood has to give this dish a try.

Aside from the tacos, I really enjoyed everything I’ve had there. It’s a locally owned restaurant and the staff who works there (and at Westway MarketPlace) have always been really nice. I’ll be back soon to try some other menu items.

Here’s the menu:

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