Good times, good vibes and good breakfast at Laurie’s Kitchen in Mulvane, KS

While looking for another daddy/daughter breakfast spot that, we drove up to Mulvane, KS to check out Laurie’s Kitchen. They are a little restaurant right on Main Street in the city just south of Wichita that serves classic breakfast and diner staples.

The restaurant is open just for breakfast and lunch but sometimes will have evening events which you can find on their Facebook page.

113 W Main St.
Mulvane, KS 67110

Wednesday – Sunday: 7am – 3pm
Closed on Monday & Tuesday


Cash/Card Accepted

My daughter and I stopped in for breakfast. Once we were seated, our server had an unopened baby toy that she gave to my daughter. It was a very nice gesture and a great way to start our little date. Even without that, we felt a good vibe upon walking in.

After looking at the menu, I knew immediately what I was going to order. There was a dish that my eyes gravitated to called Eddy’s Special Plus which included 2 eggs, an order of biscuits and gravy, and choice of meat. The name of the meal sounded amazing. How could you go wrong with any Eddy-themed dish? We decided to add an order of hashbrowns and a scrambled egg for my daughter.

Everything came cooked perfectly. There wasn’t one item done incorrectly. The sausage patties were tender, the hashbrowns had a good crispy layer, the eggs were made as ordered, and the delicious gravy over the fluffy biscuits had plenty of sausage mixed in.

There was plenty of food to go around for the both of us even though my daughter wanted to hog all the sausage in the gravy.

We’ve been ordering these no frills breakfast often around town and appreciate it when it’s done right because that always hasn’t been the case on our travels.

During our breakfast, our server even brought out a plate of sliced bananas and asked if my daughter would want it. She had no problem quickly finishing that plate off along with the egg and biscuits & gravy.

The service was top-notch, and we had good conversations with the staff during our visit. To those who might be wondering, they had no idea I was coming in nor did I name-drop any sort of blog. They just treated us well like they would any regular.

We were really appreciative of all the generosity and wanted to pay it forward so we bought another diner’s meal during our stop. We really felt the Mulvane love and will make it a point to come back for lunch in the future.

All in all, it was good times, good vibes and good breakfast at Laurie’s Kitchen.

Here’s the menu:

Happy Dining,

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