Hostess S’mores CupCakes now available in Wichita

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While many people hate going to the grocery store, I love it. I’m that guy that will slowly walk up and down each aisle and see what’s new on the shelf.

While at Dillons, I saw Hostess S’mores CupCakes. I’ve tried many S’mores flavored items before like the marshmallows and the Golden Graham S’mores bites. So surely I could splurge a few bucks on this impulse buy, right?

With the state of the world, most people are probably staying in which makes it the perfect time to cook up some S’mores. But there are times, you may not be able to so Hostess saw an opportunity to take their classic cupcake and give it a S’mores twist. The new snack aisle treats are made with a graham cracker-flavored yellow cake, toasted marshmallow-flavored creamy filling, and is topped with a chocolate icing. They come individually wrapped in a box of eight.

As a family of S’mores fans, we all gave this a go and immediately knew after the first bite it wasn’t anything like a S’more. While the yellow cake did have a graham cracker flavor, the chocolate icing was missing the richness many people love in the chocolate and the creamy filling was minimal and lacking the texture a burnt marshmallow gave. And lastly, it wasn’t warm.

Let’s face it, it’s not a S’more unless its coming out warm and ooey-gooey with that smoky, ashy, sometimes on fire aroma to it. The biggest traits were missing.

This was a treat better off never happening and failed to mimic the taste of a S’more. It’s a good thing, it’s only out for a limited time.

I now have about three left in the box I’m saving for a drunk evening when it could taste better.

Happy Dining,

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