ICT Pop-Up Urban Park closes a day earlier than advertised

Monday, August 31 was supposed to be the final day for the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park. It was advertised on their Facebook page and a couple of food trucks were supposed to set up for the final day.

Unbeknownst to the trucks, fences were put up and the trucks were unable to get in. B.S. Sandwich Press arrived earlier today to this surprise. A planned day wasted.

Kind of a sad (and sour if you were a food truck owner) way to end things. To plan your entire day, get the food prepped and find out the location you were going to was closed off.

Despite that, it looks as though Naftzger Park a little further east southeast corner of Douglas and St. Francis will now be the new go-to spot for food trucks except they will only have space for two trucks.

If you plan on heading to the ICT Pop-Up Urban Park today, change those plans now.

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