Let’s Review Bricktown Brewery!

Bricktown Brewery

Let’s review Bricktown Brewery!

Bricktown Brewery is an Oklahoma-based brewpub chain with 16 locations with multiple locations in Oklahoma and the nearby states. The first one opened in Oklahoma City over 25 years ago and has since expanded with two locations in Wichita.

We decided to order carryout from Bricktown Brewery.

The first thing we knew we’d order was their cobb salad. It’s said to be one of the best in town and includes grilled chicken, avocado, egg, bleu cheese crumbles, tomato, sweet peppered bacon. It comes out looking like a charcuterie board for salad. The carryout container didn’t really do the dish justice but it’s a LOT of food.

It was my first-time seeing it in person but Megan has had it before and has been a big fan of it. There’s truly a bit of everything that will fill most appetites.

Meanwhile, I went with Big Mike’s Meatloaf which was two slices of grilled meatloaf made with Black Angus beef and fresh ground pork, wrapped with bacon, glazed with chili sauce. Frizzled onion strings, mashed potatoes, green beans.

From a visual standpoint, it wasn’t going to win any beauty pageants. It looked dry upon arriving home and it tasted that way as well. The accompanying chili sauce which was salty, sweet and tangy helped it a bit but I found most bites to be missing that juicy texture meatloaf usually provides. For what it’s worth the mashed potatoes were nice and creamy but the main entrée of the meal didn’t exactly hit a home run. It was more of a double in baseball terms.

The Cobb Salad was outstanding and the meatloaf was decent. So, now that we know where to go for a great cobb salad, where do I go for meatloaf besides home?

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