Local Spotlight: Peaches from Blood Orchards at reBorn Boutique and Marketplace

If you love local produce, there’s a place you should know of out south called Blood Orchards. They are a local market that serves as an antique shop, vintage store and a farmers market. The beauty of it all is every single piece of produce sold there is grown right on that land. They have everything from peaches to apples to pumpkins.

It’s a locally owned business that’s been there since 1871.

6346 S Broadway
Wichita, KS 67216


Cash/Card Accepted

Since it’s currently peach season, we’ve been up there multiple times for the soft, juicy and fleshy stone fruit. I can’t say we’ve had many different options from different farmers all around the state but what we’ve had at Blood Orchards has kept us coming back for more with little intention of shopping around.

A medium box as seen below runs $6 and is approximately 2 pounds. 3 pound large boxes run $9.

And judging by how quickly they sell out, others agree. We’ve been by before and seen them sell out in a couple of hours.

Recently, I was able to go drive around the farm and do a little mini-tour of what went on. It was cool to see the couple acres of trees they had up and going. You don’t really understand all the work it takes to run a farm until you’re out there and having all your questions answered. I, for one, could never do it and definitely appreciate it the work and even struggles they go through even more after hearing all the things that can go wrong and how much manual labor it takes.

Seeing it all really puts into perspective how vital it is to not just support our local restaurants but even our local farmers. I’ve never had a problem paying a little more to restaurants who support local farmers but this really helps connect the dots on the whys.

Check out Blood Orchards before peach season ends but after that, apples and pumpkins will be coming soon.

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